Accounting Interview Questions and Answers

Having scheduled for an interview is another milestone in your application. You have to be truthful in your job interview. Casting unclear answers will not help you build a career, especially when you’re just starting one. This article contains job interview questions and answers that usually take place during an accountant interview. Prepare yourself and impress the manager with the following job interview questions and answers for accounting position. Want to prepare some accountant interview questions and answers? Here are some accounting job interview questions and answers to help you prepare.

Q: What made you choose to become an accountant?

A: I’ve always loved numbers. Loved math in school, and I just want a job that allows me to stick to the figures all day.
The interviewer wants to see that you have some sort of passion driving you.

Q: Do you set goals for yourself?

A: Yes, every year I make sure to set some goals for myself. Then I spend the whole year tracking my progress — making sure I work as efficiently as possible.

The interviewer wants to see that you’re organized and ambitious.

Q: What do you think is the most challenging difficulty that this profession is facing today?

A: The challenge that this profession is facing today is the invitation for dishonesty. Professionals can sometimes be lured into an unsteady path that they forget why they are here – which is to be an honest personnel of the company.

Q: Is there any situation when you helped in reducing costs from your previous job? Describe it.

A: I was able to implement process accounting simplification, which speeds up the process of gathering data and assessment. In this way, the company was able to save time and reduce cost.

The manager wants to know your significant contribution to the company, which may be of use to them as well.

Q: How do you envision yourself five years from now?

A: Five years from now, I see myself managing a team of accountants or project managers. I aim to be an accounting manager for the company. Should I be given the opportunity to work here, I see myself as a successful team leader while providing the company with the stable financial flow, future financial liquidity, and support.

In this question, you have to give a tangible and possible vision of yourself with the company in the future because the manager is looking for a candidate with a clear foresight of the future. In the interview, you should always foresee yourself working in the company in the next five years to show your commitment.

Q: Were you able to lead a team of accounting project? Describe it to me.

A: I was able to manage a small team in my previous company and I can say that it was fulfilling. Not only that I served as a leader, but also I was able to impart my knowledge. During my leadership, I was able to deliver the team’s target on time and with 100% accuracy.

The manager wants to see if you have the leadership skills, should you be given the chance to lead a team. If you were not able to lead a team in your previous work, you should be truthful about it. You can use a related leadership training or in the academe.

Q: What is it about our company that makes you want to work for us specifically?

A: All the research that I did on you guys shows that we share a lot of the same values.

The interviewer wants to make sure you want the job for more than just the money.

Q: Name the accounting applications that you’re comfortable with.

A: I’m comfortable with Quickbooks and Netsuite. However, I’m computer savvy and believe I could learn another system relatively quickly.

Even if you don’t know the program they work with, the interviewer is okay so long as you mention that you’re willing to learn their system.

Q: How do you keep yourself motivated?

A: It isn’t hard to stay motivated when I’m allowed to do what I love.
The interviewer wants to see that you’re a self-starter.

Q: Were you able to handle a situation when you had to extend work to provide exceptional service to a client? How would you describe it?

A: Everyday, I work as I am providing extended service to clients. A particular situation is when I needed to pull out a weekend to settle a client’s account.The interviewer would like to see how dedicated you are on your job.

Q: How do you handle tight deadline and pressure?

A: I handle deadline with grace. I accept it as a part of my job that I have to deal with. To address deadlines, I always keep a calendar of activities, job orders, and workloads to ensure that my time is well allocated. This also helps me keep track of my progress over tasks.

The manager measures your time management skills.

Q: Your position is very important to the company’s bottom line, so I feel compelled to ask: how do you eliminate mistakes?

A: Mistakes are a part of the human nature, which is why it’s so important to be diligent. I double check all of my work — doing it once on the computer, and a second time by hand. If they match, I’m sure that I have the right answer.

Accounting is all about money, and the last thing a business wants is someone making a careless (or even just not-careful-enough) mistake with that money. The interviewer wants to know that you have a system in place to make mistakes very rare.

Q: What measures do you employ to make sure accuracy?

A: To ensure accuracy, I see to it that my tasks (journals, ledgers, and books) are checked before submission.

The manager would like to know how you keep correctness in your job.

Q: What are the methods you have taken in ensuring that a report is completed?

A: Organization and attention to detail are among my characteristics. To ensure that a report is completed correctly, I see to it that entries are checked for several times.

The manager is looking for someone who is keen to details and is able to spot errors right away.

Q: Tell me your views on creative accounting.

A: All accounting should be creative accounting. It’s not just a matter of crunching numbers. It’s about making sure those numbers work as best they can. A good accountant isn’t afraid to be creative. He or she comes up with innovative solutions to make the numbers work.

The interviewer wants to see that you do everything you can to help your employer save money.

Q: What salary are you hoping for?

A: I was hoping to make roughly $60,000 per year.

The interviewer wants to know what you think your value is.

Preparedness is one of the major techniques for a successful job interview. Planning your answers before sitting with the manager for a one-on-one discussion allows you to anticipate the questions to be thrown your way.

Most importantly, you must have a clear understanding of the job you’re applying for. Most of the questions, aside from the behavioral ones, are more likely to involve the technicalities of the job, so it is crucial that you understand what you’re getting into.

Clear your mind. Although you have read those possible questions, it is not guaranteed that you are asked with those. It is important to listen well to the question before answering them. You can ask the interviewer to repeat the question for you if you didn’t get it the first time.

Relax and focus on the question. And lastly, be truthful to your answers. Do not bother to make up stories because the manager will soon find out if you’re telling a lie. Once you’re done, don’t forget to thank the interviewer before leaving the room. Good luck!

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