Important Interview Cheat Sheet

Purpose of an Interview Cheat Sheet

When it comes time for a job interview, there are some people who become overly nervous about making a good impression, which can result in a poor interview. One way to help prevent this is by using an interview cheat sheet. An interview cheat sheet is a list of answers to common job interview questions that you may not be able to easily reply to. Information such as how long were you at your last job is easily answered and doesn’t need to be included. Questions such as “describe your strengths and weaknesses” don’t have cut and dried answers and are where many job applicants will stumble. Having a list of answers you have thought out in advance will help in preventing the total blank that can occur when being asked something you are not prepared for.

How to Use an Interview Cheat sheet

Even before attending a job interview, you can study your job application cheat sheet in preparation. The following are some tips and suggestions on using the cheat sheet:

  • Although it is good to know your answer in advance, try not to sound as if you are reciting from memory. Speak naturally.
  • In an interview use the cheat sheet as a prompt but don’t read directly from it. It is okay to glance at it, but you don’t want to appear as if you are reading it directly.
  • Include several relevant questions that you may ask the employer if they haven’t already been covered. Make sure that they are relevant.
  • Include some information about the company that you can use if it can be slipped in naturally and again if it is somewhat relevant. Don’t just blurt some fact about the company out of the blue.

A phone interview cheat sheet can be used in much the same way, with the added benefit of not having to conceal that you are using a cheat sheet.

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