Interview Questions and Answers for Nurses

Nurses face a competitive job market, and the interview is one of the only places where they can show an employer both their professional and personal sides. In order to stay ahead and impress employers, it’s a good idea to look at these sample interview questions and answers for nurses.

Q: Why do you want to be a nurse?

A: Ever since I was young, I’ve wanted to help people.

The interviewer wants to see that your heart is in the right place

Q: How do you deal with patients who complain frequently?

A: Many hospital patients aren’t where they want to be. They’re dealing with bad news and bad health. I understand that, and do my best to empathize.

Q: How do you cope with stress?

A: There are many stressful things one must deal with as a nurse. I make sure the stress doesn’t get in the way of my duties.

It’s important to acknowledge the stress of the job.

Q: Where do you hope to be in five years?

A: I’d like to have an even greater understanding of the medical industry. I may even like a managerial position, where I can use my knowledge and skills to help as many people as possible.

For this question, the interviewer just wants to know that you’re hardworking and ambitious.

Q: What’s your greatest weakness?

A: I sometimes get frustrated when things aren’t perfect. Recently I’ve been working on this, reminding myself that I can’t expect perfection and that I need to change my attitude.

Your interviewer wants you to be honest about your weaknesses, while doing your best to fix them.

Q: Would you like to become a doctor some day?

A: Yes, I love the medical field, and I believe I have what it takes to become a doctor. For now, though, I’d just be happy to be a nurse.

A: No, I became a nurse, and I enjoy the relationships I can have with patients as a nurse.

Either yes or no is acceptable. You just have to make it clear that you do, in fact, want to be a nurse for a while.

Q: How do you stay motivated?

A:. Difficult patients constantly remind me that I have to be on my A game. I make sure to do my best for them.

Q: Have you continued your education?

A: Yes, I’ve been to several of PESI’s seminars.

Here the interviewer wants to see that you can stay current and that you’re motivated to learn.

Q: Hypothetical situation: your replacement nurse doesn’t show up. What do you do?

A: First I try and contact her. If that fails, I contact my supervisor.

The interviewer doesn’t want to hire someone who’s going to walk out on the shift before the replacement nurse has arrived.

Q: What’s the most difficult thing about being a nurse?

A: Seeing all the pain. Thing is, it exists, so I know I have to do my best to help people get through it.

This is a less personal version of the weakness question. In the same way, you want to have a solution to the problem.

These are the core interview questions and answers for teachers and nurses. If you’ve answered these nurse interview questions and answers, you’re sure to have a leg up on the competition.

Why? Because you prepared. And preparation is what separates the professional from the dilettante.