MBA Interview Questions and Answers

Whether you’re a CEO or a recent college graduate, everyone looking to get into an MBA program has to face MBA interview questions and answers. So check out our list and prepare for the admissions interview.

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

A: I’m a 34 year-old business manager who has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Even as a little kid, I’d read business books.

The interviewer wants to see something they can’t find on your resume — something that relates to getting an MBA.

Q: What do you want to do with an MBA?

A: I’m hoping to start up a business. I know the success rate for startups can be rough, and I think educating myself can improve my chances.

There are only a limited number of spots an MBA program can offer. They want to make sure that the education you get will have an impact on your life, and others.

Q: What do your fellow workers say about you?

A: They say that my sense of humor allows me to defuse bad situations.

This is really just another way of asking you how you see yourself. Which pieces of people’s praise did you take to heart? It’s a more concretized way of looking at your self-image.

Q: How would you describe your leadership style?

A: Smart and empathetic. Discipline is sometimes necessary, but the threat of it is much more effective than actual deployment.

The interviewer wants to make sure you’ve thought enough about leadership to know your management style.

Q: What’s your greatest weakness?

A: I sometimes get frustrated when things aren’t perfect. Recently I’ve been working on this, reminding myself that I can’t expect perfection and that I need to change my attitude.

Your interviewer wants you to be honest about your weaknesses, while doing your best to fix them.

Q: What’s one part of your application that you wish you could’ve had time to improve?

A: My GMAT scores. They’re decent, but if I’d retaken it I could’ve gotten a higher score.

This is an interesting twist on the weakness question. The interviewer wants you to be honest, so long as the flaw isn’t debilitating.

Q: What other schools have you applied to?

A: Wharton, Harvard.

This question shows how you perceive yourself, and what you’re looking for in a school.

Q: How will your involvement benefit the program?

A: I’ve been in charge of four failed businesses. I have a lot of experience to impart about what not to do.

The interviewer wants to make sure you add value to the program.

Q: What have you learnt from your failures?

A: Everything.

The interviewer wants to see that you can learn from your failures — all good businessmen do.

Q: Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an uncomfortable situation.

A: There was one guy I had to personally fire. It was a sad, uncomfortable experience. But it was important that I be the one to do it.

The interviewer wants to see that you have no problem dealing with uncomfortable situations, if that’s what’s needed.

We hope you enjoyed this MBA interview questions and answers pdf (or non-pdf, if you’re reading on the website). If you did study MBA admission and manager interview questions and answers, you’re like to have a leg up on the competition, because you prepared. And preparation is what separates the professionals from the dilettantes.