Medical Interview Questions and Answers

Working in the medical industry means holding people’s lives in your hands. For this reason, hospitals aren’t likely to hire just anyone. Instead, they’ll hire the best of the best, which in part means those with the best answers to medical interview questions.

Get a leg up on the competition with these medical job interview questions and answers.

Q: What made you decide to work in a medical profession?

A: I want to make a difference in the world, and I believe there’s nothing more important than saving human lives — overcoming suffering.

The interviewer wants to see that you have motivation that will carry you through years of work.

Q: Why do you want to work here, specifically?

A: I did research on the company, and I believe your values match my own.

The interviewer wants to see your impression of the company.

Q: What made you decide to leave your previous job?

A: I wasn’t doing what I love. Here, I will be.

The interviewer wants to make sure you’re not bitter because of your last job.

Q: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

A: Hopefully still here, doing my job well and possibly leading others.

The interviewer wants to see that you have ambition, but also that you don’t plan to leave your job too soon.

Q: How do you handle stress?

A: Sometimes it’s tough, but stress is a part of life. I try and soldier through it, doing my best. Breathing exercises help.

The medical profession can be stressful. The interviewer wants to see that you have methods for handling that.

Q: How important are interpersonal relationships in the hospital?

A: They’re very important. Your patients have to trust you, as do your colleagues.

The interviewer wants to make sure that you’re a team player. Also, they’re checking to see if you have bedside manner.

Q: What is your greatest strength?

A: I have fantastic bedside manner, as well as twenty years of experience working with the human body.

The interviewer wants to see what you think you can add to the medical team.

Q: What is your greatest weakness?

A: I can be a perfectionist sometimes. I’m trying to work on this, though, by telling myself that it’s okay for things to be less than perfect.
The interviewer wants to see that you’ve thought about your flaws, and that you have plans to ameliorate them.

Q: What separates you from the rest of the candidates?

A: I’ve been doing stand-up comedy for twenty years, as a hobby. This gives me a refined sense of humor which patients can find appealing and uplifting.

The interviewer wants to see that you have something special to offer. Here’s a great chance for you to humanize yourself — show that you’re more than a cog in the machine.

Q: What salary are you expecting?

A: $70,000 a year.

The interviewer wants to measure your expectations.

We hope you enjoyed these medical interview questions and answers. If you study them and use them to come up with your own medical or bank interviews questions and answers, then you’re sure to have a leg up on the competition, because you’ll be prepared, and preparation is what distinguishes the professionals from the amateurs.