Receptionist Interview Questions and Answers

A receptionist is a person whom guests first see and talks to when they arrive in a business center like hotels, restaurants, and offices. The person in this position has to have excellent communication skills and clear understanding of the business offerings. The objective of the following questions and answers is to prepare you for the possible queries during the interview.
Some people think that receptionist interview questions and answers are easy. It’s a beginner’s position, right? In fact, receptionists can face great competition. They have to show that they have great personal skills and can handle being the first person most people talk to in a company. To help prepare you for the interview, here are some receptionist job interview questions and answers.

Q: What is the reason you desire to be a receptionist?

A: I am fond of assisting people and organizing itineraries for them. I love helping them find a comfortable place to settle in and seeing that they have cozy experience – whether they’re just spending a night or getting away for a weekend. I also love to interact with people and learn from their experiences.

The interviewer wants to see that you are really bound to be in this position and ways you are passionate about the job.

Q: What are your plans if ever you get hired for this position?

A: My plans for this position is to have a deeper understanding of the business services, it processes, policies and procedures.

The interviewer wants to know how the job plays role in your future plans. In this question, you need to provide tangible and possible answers.

Q: Why did you choose to apply in this company rather than other businesses?

A: I chose this company because according to my research, it provides continuous learning for its staff, including the receptionists. I also learned that it upholds the highest value to its customers, stakeholders, and employees.

The company wants an employee who chooses to prioritize them over other businesses. Through this way, they will also be able who to place in order.

Q: Are you prepared for a repetitive job like this?

A: I understand that a receptionist job can be repetitive at times and I know that as an employee it is up to me to make my routine more creative. I also trust that the company has favorable plans to motivate its employees.

The company wants employees who won’t get tired or bored with routinely jobs, causing them to leave eventually.

Q: Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses.

A: My strengths include my communication and organizational skills. I consider them as such because they are my personal tools to help me get my job done well. On the other hand, my weakness is that I could be very workaholic at times, that I often sacrifice my personal life for my job.

The interviewer wants to weigh your strengths over your weakness and how you turn later into a positive perspective.

Q: How are your characteristics that make you suited for this position?

A: People often say I am organized and that I always keep things by the book. I think these characteristics make me suited for this position. My being organized makes my job easier for me. I am also a person who’s fond of attending to people’s need. This character makes me a people-person, which is a vital personality for a receptionist.

The interviewer wants to know how much you know yourself and how do you use your character as a receptionist.

Q: How would you describe your technical skills? What programs are you familiar with.

A: I’m familiar with the standard programs from the Microsoft Office suite: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I’m always willing to learn another program.

Since you’re very likely going to be working with computers, the interviewer needs to make sure you’re comfortable with computer programs.

Q: Would you feel comfortable supervising others?

A: Yes, I feel I could do that. Emphasizing teamwork is very important in the office, and I’d make sure to acknowledge everyone’s accomplishments.

The interviewer needs to make sure you can handle the responsibility of leadership.

Q: Do you feel that the job of a receptionist can be meaningful?

A: Definitely! Being a receptionist means interacting with customers and acting as a public face for the company. Representing something bigger gives the receptionist position great meaning.

The interviewer wants to make sure that you see the value of the job.

Q: How many customers did you help per day at your last job?

A: It was a hotel, so it varied a bit per season, but on average I’d say I helped at least fifty people a day.

The interviewer wants to make sure you’re extroverted.

Q: Are you amenable to work on night shifts and longer hours?

A: I understand the requirements and responsibilities of a receptionist, that it requires night shift schedules and longer working hours at times. I am prepared for this task and I am willing enough to be the company’s partner in making its business success.

A company wants someone who is willing to be a part of the difficult task in achieving success. Since this job may require longer hour schedules, you have to be prepared to do it.

Q: What would you do when guest seemed unsatisfied and accused the business of poor service?

A: I understand that clients are entitled to their own opinions. If a guest does not seem satisfied and accused the hotel of poor service, I would nicely approach him/her and asked her what she thinks would make the service better and that we would be glad to accommodate her suggestions for betterment in the future.

The interviewer wants to know how you would address a complaining guest.

Q: How do you organize your work schedule?

A: I organize my schedule on a weekly basis. Through this way, I would be able to make necessary adjustments along the week. I also keep a personal and business plan to make sure that there is nothing I’d miss. Also, I try to make my schedule as flexible as possible.

The interviewer wants to know how you consolidate your time along with your tasks.

Q: How do you feel about handling multiple calls?

A: I feel comfortable dealing with multiple lines.

The interview needs to know you can do the job.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: In five years, I see myself as a successful supervisor or manager in this hotel/company, supervising a team of receptionist and back office staff.

The interviewer wants someone who has clear plans about his or her future in the company. Also, give the most possible and clear vision about your plans.

Q: Why do you think people should consider staying in our hotel/company?

A: I think people should choose to stay in this hotel because of the excellent service it provides, the amenities they are about to use, and the experience they are bound to enjoy. For me, this is more than just a place to stay, but a comfortable haven where they can find comfort and relaxation.

The interviewer wants to know how much you understand and what the business is about to offer.

Q: What salary are you hoping for?

A: $42,000 a year.

The interviewer needs to see what your expectations for the job are. If you’re asking for an astronomical salary, are you going to be happy with something less? If you’re asking for a low wage, do you not value yourself highly?

We hope you enjoyed this receptionist interview questions and answers pdf (or, if you’re reading this on the website, non-pdf). If you study receptionist and networking interview questions and answers examples, you should show yourself as a professional, making you’re hiring a no-brainer.

Getting hired as a receptionist depends on how well you answer to an interview as it serves as a tool for the hiring manager how you handle questions. This is also your personal chance to present yourself. In an interview like this, imagine that you’re just answering a query of a guest – keep it casual and businesslike. It is fine to smile but keep it professional. And the last but not the least, make sure you do some reading about the company. Managers want to see someone who shows interest to the company and not only on being hired. Good luck on your interview!

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