Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

As a supervisor, you’re the one telling other people what to do — you’re the one inspiring other people, opening their eyes to let them see the importance of their jobs. Not just anyone can handle that role, and therefore supervisor interviews can be tough. Look over these supervisor interview questions and answers to make sure you can show the interviewer that you have what it takes.

Q: Describe the perfect supervisor.

A: They’re meticulous, good at problem solving, and able to effectively communicate a point.

This question shows where your values lie. When you’re trying to do your best, what are you trying to do?

Q: Tell me about your own leadership style.

A: I think it’s important to make expectations clear. I also try to make sure everything is organized, and that all problems have been effectively solved.

If the interviewer asks both these questions, they definitely hope to see some similarities in the answers.

Q: How do you deal with a disappointing team member?

A: I try and make clear the expectations of the job. Then I change my leadership style to better suit the situation.

The interviewer wants to see that you’ll take responsibility for subordinates.

Q: Tell me about a time when you had to introduce a change in the workplace. How’d you go about it?

A: We took away all the cubicles in the office. I warned people a month in advance. They were receptive.

The interviewer needs to see that you can make changes without causing too much disruption.

Q: Tell me about a time when a conflict developed in your team. How did you handle it?

A: I sat both the parties down and had them talk it out.

The interviewer wants to see that you’re good at conflict resolution.

Q: How do you set goals?

A: I consider concrete goal-setting to be an important part of supervising. To motivate the team, I do my best to look at the hard data and see what numbers we can rally around to improve.

The interviewer wants to see that you can set proper goals.

Q: How do you decide if a team member is doing their job properly?

A: I try and create concrete metrics. This way it’s clear what I want, and it’s easier to figure out how to achieve the goals that I set.

The interviewer needs to know that you think about how your team members can meet the goals you set for them.

Q: How do you make new employees feel welcome?

A: I show them the office and check in frequently for the first few days.

The first few days are very important for an employee. The interviewer wants to make sure you know how to handle the situation.

Q: Name a reason why companies frequently lose employees.

A: A lack of community.

The interviewer wants to see that you have an idea of how to keep employees.

Q: What salary are you looking for?

A: $46,000 a year.

The interviewer needs to know what you’re looking for before they can be sure that you’re worth it.

We hope you enjoyed this supervisor interview questions and answers pdf (or, if you’re on the website, non-pdf.) If you study the supervisor and MBA interview questions and answers examples, you’re sure to be a success, because you prepared. And preparation is what separates the professional and the dilettantes.